Fruit Machines: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Slots, formerly also known as one-armed bandits, are extremely popular casino machines. Millions of people enjoy playing slots that involve a machine with three or more reels that spin when a button is pressed. The slot machines have been in existence for a really long time. During this phase, they have evolved and are expected to continue changing for a better tomorrow. Explained below are the past, present and future of the popular online casino game, Slots.


As mentioned above, they were earlier called one-armed bandits. The first machine was developed in California by Charles Fey in 1887. The name was given because the old machines had a lever on one side, which one had to push in order to start the game. The lever was considered a hand, and since there was only one lever, it was given the name ‘one-armed’. The word ‘bandits’ was also added with the name when people realized that the gambling machine was robbing people out of their money. It is a highly addictive game that is hard to say no to once it starts. People gave it the name bandits due to this quality and hence the term ‘one-armed bandits’ was coined.


Today, Slots are totally different. The machines are quicker and offer more opportunities and entertainment. Now, one can even enjoy this game online at Grand Mondial Casino without having to go to a land based casino. There are various online casino games websites that offer different variations of the game. On online casinos, you are required to push a button and the reels start rotating. Your fortune is decided by an automatic system. At online casino game websites, you can also play for real money and make some cash.

There is no working online Slots strategy, but many believe that they will be able to devise one in the near future. Most online casinos offer special bonuses and other unique features to make the game more entertaining and attractive.


The future of online slots is very bright. In the last few years, a unique rise has been witnessed in the online casino games industry. More and more people are taking interest in these games. It has already turned into a profitable industry and new virtual casinos are opening at regular intervals. Given the rise, online slots are expected to improve and offer more in the near future. Every online casino tries to outdo its competitor and offer better packages to its players so that they can make more money.

Online casino owners are trying to make the game fun and safe. Since real money is on the line, the transactions have to be smooth and transparent. In the near future, one can expect this to be a reality. They are also working towards eliminating scams so that people can enjoy their game without them having to worry about their money being in the wrong hands. Many online casino games are offering Slots. You can enjoy it at the online casino of your choice to have fun and entertainment. However, make sure that you choose a reliable casino.

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